4 Choices of Tourist Attractions in New York City You Must Visit

Tourist Attractions – The United States with its many states certainly has a myriad of attractions for local and foreign tourists to enjoy. This country has several selected places that you must visit with your loved one because of its beauty and history which is extraordinary, famous and also stunning.

Featured of Tourist Attractions in New York City

For those who want to take a vacation to America, specifically New York City and are looking for the best honeymoon destinations, but lack of references to tourist attractions in America that can be explored, here are some tourist attractions in New York City that you can try to visit:


1. Chinatown

4 Choices of Tourist Attractions in New York City You Must Visit

New York City, which is not only known as the largest city, but also the most populous city, apparently has a Chinese village and there are six locations that can be found in this city. One of the locations that tourists can visit is in Manhattan. If you are looking for a spot that smells of Asia, of course Chinatown is the right place to explore, especially in this area that is really complete. Various attractions related to culture and history are offered in this place, as well as many Chinese restaurants.

You can also find the very popular Confucius statue in Chinatown. When the Lunar New Year comes or what we also call the Chinese New Year, this area becomes very exciting and lively with a festival that is part of the celebration. Walking in Chinese villages, but in America, tourist attractions can certainly feel a different atmosphere, because every shop there looks lively with its red color and Chinese writing which is sometimes combined with English writing.

2. Statue of Liberty

4 Choices of Tourist Attractions in New York City You Must Visit
Statue of Liberty

The icon of the United States of America is a giant statue of a woman holding a torch and wearing a crown of thorns, this is a national monument. For those who want to see or take pictures with the background of this statue, they must head to Liberty Island or an island located in New York Harbor. The Statue of Liberty is located precisely in Manhattan and the figure of the goddess Libertas is depicted through this statue.

This statue is indeed one of the most popular tourist attractions in America. It was inaugurated in 1886 and has a height of 93 meters, to be exact on October 28.

The Statue of Liberty is one of the World Heritage or world heritage sites according to UNESCO. Until 2009 alone, there have been more than 3 million people who have visited the Statue of Liberty, so don’t miss this one tourist site if you have the opportunity to take a walk in New York City.

3. Times Square

4 Choices of Tourist Attractions in New York City You Must Visit
Times Square

This intersection in New York City is a commercial area that is indeed very crowded and looks crowded because of the billboards everywhere with colorful lights. For tourists who are interested in finding a place that offers tons of interesting entertainment in New York City, then Times Square is the most appropriate. It is included in the list of the most visited tourist attractions in the world with a number that can reach up to 39 million visitors per year.

The Times Square area is very famous for its entertainment area because there are many hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and others. Explore Times Square because who knows you might find the Madame Tussauds wax museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and the American Broadcasting Company studio or more familiar with the ABC studio.

4. Staten Island Ferry

4 Choices of Tourist Attractions in New York City You Must Visit
Staten Island Ferry

This is a ferry that sails towards Staten Island from Manhattan. Staten Island itself is still an area in New York City and is shaped like an island like Manhattan.

The reason why this ferry is a recommended tourist attraction even though it is not actually included in New York City is because even though tourists do not want to visit Staten Island, taking this ferry will add to the tourist experience in New York City.

Getting an experience like a cruise tour is not difficult because riding this ferry will take you to see the beautiful panorama of New York Harbor. To enjoy the ride on the boat and enjoy the view is totally free. When you board this ship too, the Statue of Liberty can be seen up close, especially when it departs.

From Manhattan, to get the most strategic views, find a seat on the right so you can see the west side when leaving, while when returning, you can sit on the left when returning to Manhattan. This ferry departs from the Statue of Liberty or Battery Park and at busy times, the boat departs every half hour. That’s tourist attractions in New York City, hopefully it can be useful information for those of you who are looking for a place for your honeymoon. / Aha