5 Best Lego Android Games

5 Best Lego Android Games – Lego is a game with small chunks of different colors arranged into specific models. Kids have always been interested in Lego games because they are fun and brain sharp. Now lego games can be played via smartphone devices. The trick is to simply download the 5 best lego android games from the Google PlayStore.

The lego game itself seems to make the players do not lose their minds to make interesting models. Such as models of houses, buildings, vehicles, and people. In addition, the Android version of lego games usually presents a 3D or HD graphic display. As a result, when played it really feels real.

5 Best Lego Android Games

Actually, lego games are not only intended for children. The game is universally applicable for all ages. However, you have to choose the best lego android games that are not only viral but also of high quality. Check this out!

5 Best Lego Android Games

1. LEGO® DUPLO® Train

This first recommendation of the best lego android games is perfect for children. What is presented from the LEGO® DUPLO® Train game is that players become train machinists. Just imagine it will be a fun experience for children because they can control the running of the train.

Besides that, LEGO® DUPLO® Train invites players to gain experience when transporting goods with the train they drive. Players will help passengers who are riding the train. What’s unique is that players can build bridges by train.

2. LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise

The next best game was released by the LEGO System A / S developer which is equipped with the action genre. Game developers create lego games that encourage children to develop creativity as well as educate.

The LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise game makes players more free to create as they wish. Moreover, players can form various types of vehicles through this digital lego.

However, the conditions for obtaining a lego set must be to unlock the game first. Unlock can be opened when the player has completed each level of the game.

3. LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush

In the game LEGO® Friends: Hearthlake Rush invites players to drive a car. When driving a car on this trip, players can collect coins that are scattered on the streets.

Immediately collect as many coins as possible to get points. Coins can also be used to buy accessories and change car decorations. This one game is a little different from other games because it has a choice of adorable characters.


The fierce battles you will see playing LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS ™: MERLOK 2.0. Supposedly as a popular game because it has been downloaded more than 200,000 times through the PlayStore. The game features exciting battles between NEXO knights and the antagonist Monstrox.

There tells that Monstrox and his soldiers made of stone attacked Knighton. They are also trying to find forbidden powers. As a knight, you must immediately stop the action. The only way is to fight Monstrox and his stone soldiers until they are paralyzed.

5. LEGO® Star Wars ™: TCS

The last best lego android game recommendation is LEGO® Star Wars ™. Where displays a LEGO game that adopts the characters and themes from the Star Wars big screen. For this one game has a paid version to enjoy complete features.

In LEGO® Star Wars ™: TCS players can enjoy up to 36 storylines. After seeing all the storylines, you immediately get an attractive prize. One of the advantages of LEGO® Star Wars ™: TCS is that it can have up to 120 different characters.

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