About RTG Slots Online Games Asian Taste

RTG Slots, a very well known name in the online casino world. RTG stands for Realtime Gaming, a casino brand with a good reputation and was founded in 1998. RTG Slot itself has been in business for 20 years and has offices in Hong Kong and the Isle of Man.

For more than two decades RTG Slot has also been successfully supported by Endon Technologies in the production of their online slot machines. However, this experience has resulted in RTG Slots knowing very well which products are suitable for their market.

RTG Slot has the following slogan of knowing what players want and also has games that keep players playing. With such a slogan, it is not surprising that RTG Slot is one of the oldest online casino providers that has proven that it can stand the test of time.

RTG Slots Online Games

RTG Slots focuses on the Asian market, so that the nature of the game isn’t a bit eastern. Graphics, animations and even algorithms for online slot machines are designed to match the characteristics preferred by the Asian market.

For example, some RTG slot games take up the theme of classic legend stories ranging from The Three Kingdoms to more modern themes like kung fu action films. Both are very close to the culture of the Asian market.

These properties eventually became RTG Slot’s trademark and distinguishes RTG Slot from other providers of online slot machines.

RTG Slot is also one of the online slots that are known to give out jackpots a lot. Even so, there is nothing wrong with trying the RTG slot demo before playing for real money.

About RTG Slots Online Games Asian Taste
RTG Slots

Top 5 Most Popular RTG Slots

Here we’ve rounded up some of the RTG slot demos that are most requested by online slot fans.


The Chinese believe that panda is a symbol of food and good luck. You can get both in this online slot!

Emperor Panda is an online slot machine with 5-reel and 3-line video slots. In this online slot game, a combination of more than 3 scatter symbols can activate the “Free Spins” feature. The combination of 6 emerald symbols brings you the emerald jackpot!

Find priceless treasures in the kingdom of the bamboo forest!

Volatility: Medium

Maximum win: 800x


If you’ve ever been a teenager, you surely will be very much familiar with the disco era. In this online slot from RTG Slot you will find funny disco lights and songs again.

Dancing Wins is an online 5-reel, 3-line video slot game. You can get free games from the scatter symbols that pop up all over the place. A combination of 3 scatters gives you 1x free spins, a combination of 4 or 5 scatters gives you 2x free spins.

Studying with a chance! You have to win!

Volatility: high

Maximum win: 50000x


Some people call them “Sky Guardians”. In any case, this immortal mystical animal will always protect the hidden treasures of the universe. The appearance of Golden Medallions or Center Dragons can activate two additional Center Dragons.

This can offer free games that triple your potential win. What are you waiting for? Start by asking the universe to unlock your rich destiny!

Volatility: Medium

Maximum win: 7500x


You can hear the happy frog singing. But can you catch it. This frog will guide you to various jewels and other treasures hidden in the forest.

Fortune Frog is an online slot machine with 5-reel and 3-line video slots. You will often find “Frog Bombs,” a time bomb that when it explodes gives jewels and adds a number to your reels.

Match 5 jewels to win another chance to play. Immediately find this lucky frog and you will get rich!

Volatility: Low

Maximum wins: 150x


Ape King is an online slot machine with 5-reel and 3-line video slots. 4 or more gold pot symbols trigger the “free spins” function. When the “Free Spins” feature is active, all monkey symbols are on the reels. At this point, if you successfully hit the gorilla symbol,

You can activate the “Jungle Battle” function. In this role, the gorilla fights with other monkeys to give you more prize money.

Volatility: high

Maximum wins: 1666x

The RTG slot demo is really fun, isn’t it? Mainly because you can play online situs slot before wagering any real money. As the saying “don’t know, don’t love” says, please visit RTG Slot’s official website so you can play the RTG Slots demo for free! / Dy

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