The Best Gambling Anime of All Time, Here’s the List!!

Tired of anime with the same theme? Maybe you should try switching to some of the best gambling anime of all time below. 

Gambling or gambling, it must be admitted, is not one type of anime that is in great demand by anime lovers. But actually, anime with this story genre offers a number of interesting and tense action scenes that are worth watching. 

List of Best Gambling Anime 

On this occasion, we have summarized some anime recommendations about gambling that might interest you to watch it. Here’s a list of the best gambling anime:

1. Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler , The Best Gambling Anime That Invites You to Feel the Gambling Madness

Best Gambling Anime
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Being in first place, the Kakegurui anime offers you many tense gambling game scenes. This anime, produced by animation studio MAPPA, tells the story of a private school called Hyakkaou. 

This school is an elite school where most of the students are children with rich family backgrounds. However, there is something strange about the curriculum applied by this school. 

The oddity in the curriculum lies in the part where all students in the Hyakkaou academy are freed to play gambling games with any stakes, not limited to money, even self-respect.

Gambling within the Hyakkaou academy is regulated by the student council executives who also consist of gamblers. The excitement of this school gambling anime begins when the main character named Jabami Yumeko enters the Hyakkaou academy. 

Looking calm and friendly, Yumeko turns out to have another side that can’t be said to be normal.

Yumeko is a compulsive gambler or gambling addict who really likes gambling with big bets. From here, Yumeko begins the story of her gambling madness with the students to the student council members of the Hyakkaou academy.

This Kakegurui anime was first released in 2017 and managed to get a rating of 7.47 (data from the myanimelist site). This anime has even got its live action version which was released in 2018.

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2. No Game No Life , An Anime That Combines the Concept of Isekai and Gambling

Best Gambling Anime

Turning to the second order, No Game No Life is an anime about gambling that is also not inferior in terms of story plots and scenes. This anime, which is the result of the work of the Madhouse animation studio, offers you a story plot that is full of action and comedy.

No Game No Life tells the story of an invincible pair of gamer brothers who are sent to another world (isekai) after defeating a mysterious challenger in an online chess game. 

What’s interesting is the world where the brothers named Sora and Shiro are sent is a world where all problems are solved by games and bets. The 16 races of the world’s inhabitants are bound by a 10-oath rule that requires the losing side to surrender what is at stake.

In this world there are no direct crimes such as murder, robbery and others, everything is completely solved through games. From here Sora and Shiro began their journey to the top by defeating the 16 races in the world.

Best Gambling Anime
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This 12-episode anime will invite you into various games and bets filled with genius tricks. No Game No Life is actually a fairly old anime, where this anime was released in 2014. 

But when it comes to ratings, this anime has a pretty good rating and is able to compete with many new anime.

3. Shoukugeki No Souma , Action Cooking Competition Anime With Gambling Elements

Best Gambling Anime

Maybe many are wondering why Shoukugeki No Souma is included in the category of the best gambling anime of all time. Though the basic story of this anime is mostly about comedy and cooking action.

If you study from the beginning of the anime, there is a strong element of gambling in it, where the students in it can do cooking battles with certain bets.

Back to the synopsis, Shokugeki No Souma tells the story of a 15-year-old teenager who is used to working in a shop, Yukihira Souma. Souma has a dream to beat his father as a chef.

Best Gambling Anime
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Seeing the talent and strong desire of his son, Souma’s father, Yukihira Joichiro, decided to enroll Souma into one of the most famous cooking academies in Japan, Totsuki. Yukihira Joichiro challenges Souma to conquer the academy and become the number one chef.

From here the journey of the main character begins, Souma has many cooking matches against talented chefs to reach the top of Totsuki.

The anime, which so far has had 5 seasons, has a high rating, where it managed to get a rating of 8.37.

4. Death Parade , The Best Gambling Anime With a Blend of Game and Thriller Concepts

Best Gambling Anime
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Still continuing the list of the best gambling anime of all time that would be a shame if you missed it. The anime that is next in line is an anime called Death Parade. This anime is actually one type of anime with a rather dark storyline, but it is interesting to follow.

Death Parade itself is about a bar called Quindecim. This bar is not an ordinary bar, where this bar is a destination for the souls of the dead.

Dead souls sent to this Quindecim bar will be forced to play a game that puts their lives on the line. Each game played will be able to reveal the true character of the players. 

Best Gambling Anime

The game is also at once a determination of whether the player will get the opportunity to reincarnate or not. Every game at the bar is hosted by a silver -haired bartender named Decim.

The anime, which premiered on January 10, 2015, received a high rating of 8.21.

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5. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor , Anime That Tells Illegal Gambling on Cruise Ships

Best Gambling Anime
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Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is also included in the list of one of the best anime with the theme of gambling. Maybe many of you are not familiar with this anime. This is quite reasonable, because this anime can be said to be quite old.

The anime, also known as Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji, tells the story of Kaiji Itou, a homeless man with bad behavior. Kaiji spends most of his time getting drunk and also vandalizing public facilities.

One day he is faced with the unexpected, where he is visited by a loan shark who asks him to pay off a debt of 3 million yen. Given that it is clear that he has no debt, Kaiji learns of the fact that he has been framed by his former co-workers.

The loan shark, knowing that Kaiji is unable to pay his debt, offers Kaiji another choice. That choice was his willingness to take part in the massive illegal gambling that would take place on a cruise ship.

Best Gambling Anime

The loan shark offers that all his debts will be considered paid off if he can win the gambling on the yacht. Feeling that he doesn’t have much choice, Kaiji agrees to the loan shark’s offer.

However, the main character does not realize that this decision will lead him to a new, more dangerous problem. 

This 2007 anime release may not have high graphic quality, but the story plot presented can be said to be both interesting and tense. This is also the reason why this anime got a pretty good rating, reaching 8.28.

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6. Shoubushi Densetsu Tetsuya , Anime About One Man’s Journey to Become the Strongest Gambler

Best Gambling Anime
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Shoubushi Densetsu Tetsuya can be said to be an anime that takes the theme of a very rare gambling game, namely the Mahjong game. But who would have thought the old school anime released in 2000 is quite popular today.

Shoubushi Densetsu Tetsuya itself tells about the main character named Tetsuya. Tetsuya is a young man who decides to become a professional gambler in order to survive.

Thanks to the combination of skill and talent, Tetsuya often wins gambling matches with ease. But this had to stop because when he met Boushu who was a gambler with higher skills. Boushu managed to force Tetsuya to taste defeat. 

Best Gambling Anime

Sensing that Tetsuya still lacked skills, Boushu offered to tell him about the key to winning gambling bets. From this meeting, Tetsuya’s story begins to become the strongest gambler.

This anime takes the background of the story in the past, namely the era after World War II, to be precise in 1947. Despite its old school years, this anime received a rating that deserves appreciation, reaching 7.53.

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7. Rio: Rainbow Gate, Anime Action Betting To Become The Best Casino Dealer Of All Time

Best Gambling Anime

Although not very popular, Rio: Rainbow Gate offers a pretty interesting story plot. The anime, which was released in 2011, focuses on Rio Rollins as the main character.

Rio Rollins is a casino dealer with very high luck. This earned him the nickname as the Goddess of Victory or the Goddess of Victory. Rio has a dream to become the best dealer and surpass his mother who was nicknamed the best dealer of all time.

Best Gambling Anime
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In order to achieve his goal, Rio must compete to get a card called a Gate. This Gate is a legendary card that must be collected to get the title of the best Casino Dealer or the so-called Most Valuable Casino Dealer. This card totals 13 and is obtained following the Gate Battle card battle.

Rio started his story by participating in this match and fighting the other Gate card holders. The anime produced by the Xebec production studio received an average rating of 5.91.

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8. Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai , Anime About The Best Gambling That Lifts The Dark Side Of Mahjong

Best Gambling Anime

Maybe some of you know Mahjong as one of the old school games that are usually played in the family. But who would have thought that this game is also played in the dark community aka mafia.

This is what was raised by the anime which was released in 2005. Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai begins with the story of a gambling addict named Nangou who is trapped in a huge debt due to his defeat in the game of Mahjong.

Best Gambling Anime
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To pay off his debts, Nangou risks his life in a Mahjong match. But instead of winning, Nangou was stuck in a state of almost losing.

When his hopes of winning begin to fade, the game is interrupted by the arrival of a 13-year-old boy named Shigeru Akagi. The child entered the gambling location, because he was being chased by the police.

Without thinking, Nangou handed over his Mahjong game to Akagi. Unexpectedly, it turns out that Akagi is a genius in the game of Mahjong and can win the match easily.

Even Akagi won a Mahjong match against a professional-level Mahjong player. He also became a Mahjong legend in the dark community. In its time, this 26-episode anime was quite popular and managed to get a rating of 7.95.

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9. Yu Gi Oh , Anime Duel Monster Cards With Gambling Elements Using Magic

Best Gambling Anime

Famous in the 90’s, maybe few are aware that the anime Yu Gi Oh contains elements of gambling in it. This can be seen from the dark game played by Yugi Muto, the main character.

The game that Yuugi plays is a monster fighting game with magic elements that risk the souls of the players. This is what makes Yu Gi Oh into the list of the best gambling anime of all time that we have summarized.

Reminding a little about this anime, Yu Gi Oh tells about the figure of Yugi Muto who has a pharaoh soul in his body. The pharaoh figure appears and possesses Yuugi after he manages to assemble an ancient Egyptian artifact called the Millennium Puzzle.

Best Gambling Anime
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The pharaoh soul in Yuugi’s body always takes control over Yuugi’s body when he is in a monster duel fight. With the help of the Pharaoh’s soul, Yuugi begins his journey to become the dueling king of monsters and faces off against powerful foes. 

Some of them even have artifacts inhabited by Ancient souls like his. As said before, the Yu Gi Oh anime itself was quite successful in its time, it can be seen from the number of ratings it managed to get, which reached 7.22.

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10. Lostorage Incited WIXOSS , Anime About War for Memories Coins

Best Gambling Anime
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The last anime that contains elements of gambling on our list is an anime called Lostorage Incited WIXOSS. In Indonesia, anime released in 2016 can indeed be said to be not very popular and has a fairly small number of episodes, which is only 12 episodes.

This anime tells the story of a pair of childhood friends, Homura Suzuko and Morikawa Chinatsu who are trapped in a card game called WIXOSS. To be able to exit and end this game, both of them must manage to get 5 coins that store memories. 

If they manage to win the game by collecting all five coins, then they will be out of the game. But if it ends in defeat, then a punishment awaits both of them.

For rating problems, the anime produced by the animation studio JS Staff has a pretty good score of 6.72.

Legal Site To Watch Anime 

Best Gambling Anime

If you watched the anime that was reviewed above before, you can watch it on a number of legal anime sites that you can find on the Internet such as Crunchyroll, Iflix, Genflix, Funimation, Netflix , Hulu and Amazon Prime. 

Actually, you can also watch on illegal anime streaming sites. But that is the same as not appreciating the work of the animators and also the voice actors who have worked hard in the production of the released anime. 

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Best Gambling Anime

The reason is, illegal anime streaming sites do not buy licenses from the anime they broadcast, so it is very detrimental to the animators. In addition, illegal streaming sites usually have a lot of annoying ads and may also be dangerous.

That’s a row of anime about the best gambling of all time that we have summarized for you. Hopefully our review can be useful and become one of your entertainment references.