List of Best Gambling Movies of all time

Want to know the list of the best gambling movies of all time? Our post this time will thoroughly examine the list.

Gambling is indeed an illegal act in Indonesia. In some European countries, however, gambling has become quite familiar with life there. So it is not surprising that there are quite a number of western films with this theme of gambling.

List of Best Gambling Movies

Especially for those of you who are curious or like gambling-themed films. On this occasion, we have compiled a list of the best gambling movies all time. The following is a complete list and review.

Rounders (1998)

Still talking about the list of best gambling movies, Rounders can be said to be one of them. This film, which can be categorized as an old film, not only presents the theme of crime stories, but also drama.

The film, which was released on September 11, 1998, focuses on Mike McDermott, a student who is good at playing card poker gambling. Mike dreams of becoming a reliable poker gambler and winning world-class poker competitions.

Not having had the chance to make his dream come true, Mike got involved in an underground poker gambling organized by Russian Mobster Teddy and lost all his money. After the incident, Mike promised to leave the world of gambling to his girlfriend.

After several months of quitting the world of gambling, Mike is faced with a thorny problem, where his childhood friend, Worm is in the middle of a large debt problem. In order to help his childhood friend, Mike must return to gambling for money.

In terms of achievement, the Rounders film has earned $ 22.9 million US dollars for its Box Office.

Casino Royale (2006)

For those of you who are fairly diligent in following the James Bond film series, of course you know the James Bond film series, Casino Royale, which was released in 2006. The film, which presents a new face for the cast of James Bond, tells the story long before James Bond got the agent code 007. And this movie is one of the best gambling movies released.

In the plot of the story, agent 007 is required to defeat a gambler named Le Chiffre who is a banker who is known to finance terrorist activities with the proceeds of poker gambling in the Montenegro region.

The agent 007 flew to Madagascar to fulfill his duties and get support from a beautiful secret agent, MI6

The film, written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and also Paul Haggis, not only presents a number of gun war action scenes, but also the thrilling action of agent 007 in a poker gambling game.

This film shows lots of genius tricks to win BlackJack gambling that you may not have thought of. On the other hand, there are also moral lessons about the bad consequences of engaging in gambling.

Casino Royale itself presents a new actor from James Bond, Daniel Craig who collided acting with one of the talented beautiful actress from France, Eva Green. This 144-minute film has an astonishing Box Office achievement of US $ 606.1 million.

Rain Man (1989)

Rain Man is the last best gambling movies on our list. The film produced by the production house Guber-Peters Company and also Star Partners II, Ltd tells the deep drama between two brothers Charlie and also Ray Babbit.The story of this best gambling films begins with Charlie who decided to leave the house a few years ago, because of an old car. After a long break with his family, Charlie gets the sad news that his father has died and left something to him

Instead of thinking that he would get a number of possessions from his father, his late father only inherited an old car that made him run away from home a few years ago. Meanwhile, on the other hand, there is a mysterious inheritance recipient who actually received 3 million US dollars.

Disappointment with this decision makes Charlie find out who the mysterious figure who received the inheritance and finds that the recipient of the inheritance is Doctor Bruner who turns out to be caring for Charlie’s brother who has autism, Ray.

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In short. Even though he has Autism, it turns out that Ray has a hidden talent for gambling and makes Charlie take advantage of it. This film is not only about gambling, but also about the inner relationship between siblings.

Where You Can Enjoy Those Best Gambling Movies?

For those of you who want to enjoy the films mentioned above. Since some of the films mentioned above are fairly old films, you can enjoy these films on the Youtube video sharing site.

Usually there are several channels that upload old movies like this in several parts or directly in the full version. You can also rely on a number of legal streaming services for Smartphones such as Go-Play and Viu (paid).

Relying on free streaming sites that are available can actually be an option, but you might have a little trouble finding this site, because most of it has been blocked by Kominfo Indonesia.

Those are list of the best gambling movies with unique plot stories. All of the films above have interesting story plots and are worth following. How? Is there one of them that you have ever watched?

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