Bierhaus Slot Game Casino: 4 Best Reviews

If you ever visited Casino, you will undoubtedly know it: the Bierhaus slot game casino machine from game manufacturer WMS.

The music in the machine is very unique. A German voice shouts ‘Wunderbar!’ and then an orchestra of accordions erupts. Meanwhile, a male choir chants ‘la-la-la-la-hoi’. Like being in a Bavarian Bierstube.

Then, you are obviously curious about this game. Ya, because you have to play it and read some reviews in this article. 

Bierhaus Slot Game Casino

1. How Bierhaus Work? 

The Bierhaus slot has 5 reels and 40 paylines and with the minimum bet is $0.40.

On those reels you will find symbols that you could find in a beer tent in Munich. The highest symbol is a bearded male in a hunter’s hat and apple cheeks, with a beer mug in his fist.

A symbol consisting of three large beer glasses counts as a wild. However, most of the attention is drawn to the blonde with striking braids. Not only because of the looks, but also because you need her for the bonus round.

2. Bonus Round

To start the bonus round, you must have at least five blonde girls on contiguous reels, starting with the leftmost reel.

For example, four on reel 1 and another on reel 2. Or one on reel 1, one on reel 2 and three on reel 3. If you have collected five of these Mädchen, you will win 5 free spins. 

For every extra blonde in the picture on top of the first five, you get 5 extra free spins. That can add up very quickly, because the symbols are stacked on the reels.

Extra interesting: some girls have purple backgrounds.

If you win the bonus round, such a girl turns into a sticky wild, which remains during all free spins.

3. The 1000 Spins in Bierhaus

We had played 1000 spins on the Bierhaus slot machine with a bet of $0.40 per spin. That start is very well: the first bonus round starts after 24 spins. Unfortunately, with 5 free spins which together only yield €3.40.

However, after that… hundreds of spins absolutely nothing happens. Some prizes of 6 dollars, 7 dollars, but with no bonus.

We are eagerly looking forward to the next bonus, mainly focused on the first reel. Does a blonde appear there or not?

If there is no girl on reel 1, the girls on other reels will only get in the way, because you won’t win any prize with them. After about 500 spins, the bonus finally comes again. 

In addition, what kind of one: $0.10 ‘profit’. Rarely was a sparrow so dead. 

Fortunately, the bonus round appears more often in the second half of the test session and it comes with a real hit of 35 free spins, which yield a total of $53.60.

As a result, the loss at the end is limited to $20.65.

4. The Bierhaus Result

After we played in Bierhaus, we got some results about the game. 

  • The result after 1000 spins: $20.65 loss
  • The 5 highest prices: $53.60 / $32.35 / $27.00 / $12.50 / $12.50
  • Free spins: 7 times (avg. profit $14.42)
  • According to WMS, Bierhaus payout percentage (RTP) is 96%

In conclusion, the castle in Bierhaus slot game casino has a great atmosphere. However, the game is a bit unbalanced. You can play on dominoqq games and get all the benefits.

The base game is quite monotonous.Then, you are really only waiting for the bonus round, which is very exciting. If you are unlucky, it can take hundreds of spins. And the soundtrack… It is and remains wunderbar!.

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