Best Movies About BlackJack Card Gambling

Rows of the Best Movies About BlackJack Card Gambling, Holic Movies Must Be Close !!

In this post, we will provide some movie recommendations about the best Blackjack gambling that might be suitable to accompany your leisure time.

The black jack card game that is often featured in many western films is indeed very interesting. The game of tricks and also the application of card counting techniques makes every blackjack gambling scene very interesting to watch. 

Until now, there have been quite a number of producers who have adapted the background or theme of this card gambling game into the film. 

Movie About Best BlackJack Gambling

Especially for you, we have summarized several best gambling films with the theme of the Blackjack card gambling game. Since the review is quite long, we will divide it into 3 parts.

21 (2008)

In first place, film 21 is the best BlackJack gambling film on our list. This 21 film premiered released in 2008.

The film, which is directed by the famous Hollywood cineas , Robert Luketic, managed to show his fangs in the Hollywood film industry by earning $ 159.8 million for his Box Office.

This film centers on the figure of Ben Campbell, a genius MIT student who is dragged into the world of gambling at a number of well-known casinos in Las Vegas. The story begins when, Campbell intends to transfer from MIT to Harvard Medical School.

Thanks to his, his astonishing academic achievements plus his brilliant brain, Ben was accepted to study at Harvard Medical School.

However, one problem was left behind, namely that he was required to pay a sizable tuition fee. Ben, who comes from a family with an ordinary economy, certainly cannot afford this cost. 

At that time, he met a math professor named Micky Rosa who invited him to a math club. 

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But interestingly, this math club contains mathematical geniuses who apply their knowledge in BlackJack gambling. Ben gets swept up in the flow and into the thrilling world of BlackJack gambling. 

Still further about the film with the background of the BlacJack gambling story. Because the following continues from the list above.

The Gamblers (2014)

The next BlackJack gambling film that is no less exciting than the previous 21 (2008) is Paramount Pictures’ film The Gamblers. This film is one of the best works in Hollywood which sets a story about gambling, including the BlackJack gambling game.

The Gamblers presents a story that focuses on a literary professor named Jim Bennet who lives 2 lives. On the one hand, Jim is known as a brilliant professor.

But not many know the other side. He is also an acute gambling addict who usually spends his nights at the Roulette and Black Jack gambling tables.

At one point, bad luck befell the professor, where he suffered a big loss in gambling. He also ended up in debt to the casino owner named Mr. Lee. Trying to avoid responsibility, Jim tried to run away and hide from the pursuit of debt.

But things got worse after Jim received money from a moneylender who made the debt even more mounting. He was forced to return to the gambling table in hopes of winning money to solve his debt problems.

In the 111-minute film, you will be presented with a number of Jim Bennet’s epic gambling scenes.

This is the final film in the last part about the gambling film BlackJack.

The Last Casino (2004)

Being in the last sequence and at the same time being the closing of this review, there is a Canadian film entitled The Last Casino. 

If you hear the story plot of the film released in 2004, maybe you will remember one film. Yes, that’s right, this film at a glance has a story plot that is somewhat similar to film 21 (2008) reviewed above.

The Last Casino tells the story of a math professor and gambler named Dough Barnes. The professor recruits 3 students to learn about gambling techniques, card counting and playing real gambling. 

Dough’s motive is because he has been banned from playing at the casino due to being caught applying the card counting technique.

In order to keep making money from gambling, he tutored the three students he recruited; George, Scott and Elyse. With an agreement for various results, they too came to the gambling table and won it.

Compared to the previous 21 (2008) film, The Last Casino has a slightly faster storyline. The duration of this film alone is only about 92 minutes.

Where Can You Watch The BlackJack Gambling Movie Above?

About where you can find and watch BlackJack-themed movies above. You can find it on a number of movie streaming sites that are scattered on the internet. Although it might be a little difficult because the Ministry of Communication and Information is incessantly blocking a number of illegal movie streaming sites. 

Alternatively, you can buy DVD versions of the above films on several official sites such as eBay, Amazon and Aliexpress.

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That’s a list of several films about blackjack gambling that might be the ones that you will favor in the future. How? Interested in watching one of them ?.