What is Gibraltar Gambling License

Gibraltar is located just off the southern coast of Spain, Gibraltar has grown into one of the world’s largest havens for online gambling. Furthermore, this online gambling industry is now one of the largest in the country that has Gibraltar Gambling License

Many aspects in country situation and casino condition affect the existance of gambling license. For example economic, citizenship, tourism, technology and information, and globalization. 

This country also has long gambling story since 1989. Why Gibraltar has gambling license? The main answer because there are many casino site that need to protect players. The license rised from The Gibraltar Gambling Commission (GGC).

History of Gibraltar Gambling License

Gibraltar has a long history when it comes to gambling. It all started in 1989. Back then there were already many British gambling companies that left for the sunny south. The first license was issued in 1998. 

It still took several years before online gambling was legalized in Gibraltar. This changed in 2005 when the Gibraltar Gambling Commission was given the task of issuing licenses.

The Gibraltar Gambling Commission (GGC) is a department of the Government of Gibraltar responsible for licensing remote gambling and regulating all online casinos or other online gambling companies operating under their jurisdiction.

Formerly known as the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), the committee is tasked with ensuring that all gambling companies operating under their jurisdiction adhere to their regulations and provide their players with a safe, secure and fair gambling experience.

If the GGC grants a license, any online casino will be free to offer their online gambling services from Gibraltar to anyone in the world where online gambling is legal.

Gambling License on Online Gambling Companies

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is responsible for enacting legislation for online gambling companies seeking to obtain a gambling license in Gibraltar. This is done to protect players and their money from unfair treatment. Such as Gibraltar gambling license.

By setting these standards for online gambling, the nonprofit Gibraltar regulatory authority is one of the most respected institutions in the world when it comes to setting the standards for online casinos and other remote gambling brands. Play at bandarqq the best choice in gambling.

Many countries also have their own regulatory bodies for online gambling companies, but the GRA, together with the Malta Gaming Authority, have helped to create an international standard in gambling.

You must know the main tasks of the Gibraltar Gambling Commission are:

  • Licensing and regulation of operators for games of chance
  • Monitoring that potential licensees meet strict standards of suitability and propriety
  • Supervision of the activities to keep the games of chance free from criminal activity.
  • Creating a safe consumer market

So, without gambling license, the online and real casino business in Gibraltar look dying. It will manage the people, tourist, and also economic. If one casino runs without license, it called illegal. 

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