Grand Theft Auto 5 Review (GTA V): Best Game Ever!

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Review (GTA V): Best Game Ever!

Millions of people in the world love playing the game, particularly the online games. And the video game is just one of the recommendations of cheap video games online from Gdgames. There are several reasons why this game needs to be ‘executed’. Well, before playing this game, it would be better if you know more about the pros and the cons of the game.  Just check the Grand Theft Auto 5 review below to break down the details of the game’s pros and cons.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review, The Pros

There are some aspects we can identify as the pros of the game. These aspects include the essence of the game’s story containing madness and satire, fantastic setting of the town, unique point of view, accessibility online, experience richness (for the players), and many others. Well. Let’s check the pros out in more detail. 

Game Details

DeveloperRockstar North 
PublisherRockstar games 
PlatformPlayStation 4, online or offline
First ReleasedOctober 1, 2013
PriceUSD $33.78  
Official Site

The Essence of Game’s Story

Maybe we just find a few video games that tell about the madness and satire, including Grand Theft Auto 5. Satire here is detected from the three main characters who get the role as the main characters. In case, they are the biggest criminals ever.

Based on Grand Theft Auto 5 review, each of the characters in the game has his own unique characterization, making the game much more attractive. Michael De Santa is just one of them. He gets a problem of mental illness, especially depression because of his family (the broken family). 

The second character is Franklin Clinton, a black American, who tries to build his career in crime. And the last one is Trevor Phillips, a psychopath who’s also Michael’s best friend. These three characters are the real representation of social problems today. 

Fantastic Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review (GTA V)

One thing that makes the game so interesting is that the three main characters play their own intricate. The players can also see the challenges from three different points of views. Still based on the Grand Theft Auto 5 review, most game experts agree that the game owns the best quality writings.

The writing quality here is able to make us as the players to be more critical, particularly on things related to social and political issues. Here, through the game, the developer sends his concern on those issues perfectly through satire. 

The genius developer also presents a great idea of gameplay in which the players not only can control and play as one character but also the players can move and control another character in the game. 

So, when you play one character then move to another character, the previous one can still do regular activities. This means, Grand Theft Auto 5’s gameplay is so dynamic. It’s also smooth and perfect. More interestingly, according to the Grand Theft Auto 5 review, the game is playable on  the old gaming machine like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 

Best Visual Effect

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review (GTA V)

Talking about the visual quality,  Grand Theft Auto 5 review says that the game gets a label as the game with best visual effect. Take a look at the visualization of Los Santos in this latest series of Grand Theft Auto. 

We can identify that the graphic quality is so amazing. Every single presentation of graphic information looks so great. The movement of every object in the game, the colour, and even the resolution are perfect.

For the gamers who love perfect visuals in game, we recommend this game as it offers you so many amazing visual effects. Los Santos, the main setting of place in the game, is quite interesting and challenging as well. Even though it’s smaller than GTA’s previous series, this is a perfect place to express your criminal action. Or, it’s free to do something fun and exciting such as hunting the ghost through the mountains, hills, and even in the roads of Los Santos. 


Most game reviewers we’ve compiled in Grand Theft Auto 5 review say that the game is controversial.  Not only the main characters of the game who are claimed as the criminals, but some supporting characters of the game also have their own dark life. Of course, this makes the game so unique and frankly different with other video games. 

Heist, Coolest Action Ever! 

One of the actions described in the gameplay is the coolest heist. If you red Grand Theft Auto 5 review, you will know that the heist in the game is the coolest action ever. In this section, the characters of the game have their own role to execute the biggest heist. 

But be careful to always have a good control at the three main characters of the game. It’s not easy to share the job with each main character. You also need to ‘operate’ all characters precisely. 

You need to be faster when  one of your characters is in danger.  But get your happiness when the mission is accomplished, each character will get a big payment.  Really interesting. 

Available Online

It’s good news! Based on Grand Theft Auto 5 review, you can create your own character. it means it’s optional to use the existing characters in the game or not. It is possible to optimize your own character as the main character of the game. 

The new character means the new adventure and the new challenge. You, as the player, need to figure out the new strategy to get the point. From the new character, you can explore the same map with different activities. 

You can try a competitive mission. You never be bored with the missions as the missions are hugely varied. The wild race,for example, is challenging but fun. But if you need more challenge, you can join the wild race with weapons like in Mario Kart, killing each other like in Death Match or Royal Rumble. 

Special for Xbox One and PlayStation users, you’ll have a special mission when the camera is in the first-person mode. With this new mode, it would be so exciting because you’ll be able to fight your enemies face by face like in Counter-Strike or Call of Duty for more info, you can see the Call of Duty review

New Feature: Third-Person to First-Person Point of View

On Grand Theft Auto 5 review, there is a significant transformation at the angle of the camera. The new one has released a new feature: camera’s angle called one-person point view. For your information, the previous GTA offers a feature of third-person point of view. But now, the new feature convinces us to have a better experience of gaming.

The transformation of the angle of the camera might sound simple, but the feature brings so much goodness specifically at the quality of animations and game’s control. Most GTA maniacs are very happy with this. At least, the feature lets them play the similar game but with much more improvement at the players’ point of view.

Additional Content

As written in Grand Theft Auto 5 review, the game has more improvement at the content, especially the weapon arts, the vehicles, the maximum players, and the varied missions & events on the game. sounds so good, right?

just grab this new release xbox game in a video game store in your country and just enjoy its cool and amazing gameplay plus the features of the game that give you new experience in gaming. 

You will also find a minor feature on the game: the audio set in on-phone mode. The feature seems so real.  The sound when people talk will be different from the sound produced by a phone. So, the regular chat will produce the sound on the regular speakers, but the voice of chat on cell phones will come out of the speaker on DualShock 4.Of course, this will create a realistic feel that enhances the gaming experience.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review: The Cons

Are there any cons of Grand Theft Auto 5? Based on Grand Theft Auto 5 review, many video game critics deliver their opinions related to the game’s cons. Let’s check this out to see the game’s cons based on the game reviewers.

No-Kid-Friendly Game

This is quite right because the game isn’t kid-friendly. Unlike the previous GTAs, Grand Theft Auto 5 contains more sensitive content such as sexual abuse, violence, robbery, and many more. So, please if you play the game, make sure that there are no kids around you.

Offline Mode Isn’t Available

One of the game’s cons is the game isn’t available offline, so you have to always connect to the internet to play this game. It’s better to have a good internet connection in order to get the best gaming experience. 

After reading Grand Theft Auto 5 review, now you can try to play the game from your gaming platforms. Get these cheap video games online, and enjoy each challenge that can drive your adrenalin only through the game. 

If you are really interested in this game, first, you need to read more about Grand Theft Auto 5 review in order to get more insight into the game, then try to play it on the player you have. Tell us about your gaming experience in the comment below.