Old, But This Hollywood Gambling Themed MovieS Are Still Very Interesting to be Watched

These Hollywood gambling themed movies old have interesting storylines to follow! Want to know what gambling themed movie are? Through this post, we will give it to you.

Todayd, quite a number of Hollywood films have gambling as their theme. Call it some of the 21 which was released in 2008, Casino Royale in 2006 and many others.

But actually films with a gambling background or what is known as Heist have been known since ancient times. Maybe some of you remember or have witnessed one of them.

Best Hollywood Gambling Themed Movies

On this occasion, we have compiled some of the old Hollywood gambling themed movies with the for you. Who knows, you will be interested in watching it !. Here’s the complete list.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

This first Hollywood gambling themed movies is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The film, was released in the 90s, to be precise in 1998. The story of this film was written by one of the most famous screenwriters of his time, Guy Ritchie.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels tells the story of the struggle of 4 friends, Edie, Soap, Bacon and Tom to raise money to pay money due to losing in gambling betting.

The four friends were involved in a high-stakes gamble with Harry Lonsdale. In the gambling game, they were rigged and ended up losing and going into debt of £ 500,000.

This film itself was one of the best gambling films that received quite a lot of attention and praise from film critics at that time. Interestingly enough, even though it has a gambling theme, this film does a lot of showing some comedy scenes in it.

The Cincinnati Kid (1995)

 Hollywood gambling themed movies

Still discussing old Hollywood gambling themed movies, then The Cincinnati Kid is the next film on our list.

This old Hollywood film released in 1995 tells the story of Eric Stoner (Steve McQueen) who has an ambition to show his capabilities as the best poker card gambling player.

On his way to becoming the best poker player, Eric faces off against Lancey Howard, the best poker card gambling player in the world. This 113-minute film will present you with a number of scenes full of excitement in gambling games.

Not only that, there are also dramas that will catch your attention when watching this one film.

Is a continuation of the list of western films about gambling themed movie before. Some of the following list of films are no less interesting than the films previously reviewed

Maverick (1994)

You certainly have or know one of the legendary actors Mel Gibson. Well, the Maverick film which was released in 1994 is one of the many films that the senior actor has starred in. It beconme one of Hollywood gambling themed movies ever.

Maverick tells the story of Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson) who is a card gambler whose ambition is to prove to the world that he is the best card gambler.

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Bret also participated in a poker gambling tournament held on board Lauren Belle, to prove himself.

This 129-minute film is quite successful in attracting the attention of film lovers at this time, this is evident from the achievement of the Box Office income which reached US $ 183 million.

The Sting (1973)

At the end of the list of Hollywood gambling themed movies, there is a film called The Sting. Compared to the three films above, this film can be said to be the oldest with its 1973 release.

This film has a storyline that is fairly ordinary at its time, the story begins when Johnny Hooker tricked a courier to get his money. But who would have thought that the money brought by the courier belonged to Doyle Rinnegan, a big criminal boss.

This also made Johnny the target of Doyle Rinnegan, forcing him to flee to Chicago. The film The Sting has a pretty good rating, in the eyes of film lovers at that time. In fact, this film won a number of Oscar awards.

Are All The Movies Above Still Accessible?

If you are interested in watching one of the gambling themed movie mentioned above. With the current state of the internet network in Indonesia, where many illegal movie streaming sites are being blocked, it might be quite difficult for you to find and watch these films for free.

But there are always other options you can choose from. One way is to buy the DVD version of the film above. You can find it on several official sites like Amazon, and others. You can also consider subscribing to a movie streaming site.

Another option that is much cheaper is to rely on Youtube. On Youtube, there are usually several YouTubers who upload old-school movie collections on their channel. Maybe you will find some of the films above on the video host site.

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That is a summary of several Hollywood gambling themed movies in the past, which are still quite interesting to watch. What do you think? Is there one of the films above that caught your attention enough?