How to Win a Cockfight by Observing the Rooster Physique

How to Win Cockfight – Cockfighting is a game that is often heard, especially in Indonesia itself. The online cockfighting game can be said to be a game that has been passed down from generation to generation since the ancestors. Cockfighting is a traditional game and has been played in various circles.

There are several ways to play cockfighting games that players can win by playing cockfighting games online. With multiple existing applications, it offers the opportunity to make a much larger profit. As such, there is nothing wrong with playing the game using the pragmaticplay com demo application provided.

Online cockfighting gambling is also one of the types of gambling that is characteristic of the Indonesian people. Online cockfighting gambling games are easy to play games. In this game all players have to do is determine which chicken can survive until the end of the competition.

The main thing that worries me the most about cockfighting. If you want to place a bet, you need to see our chicken’s stamina and stamina in order for us to win the game. Because of the condition of the chicken, no thought is given to how to care for it. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the rules for caring for chickens, which are taken into cara judi online account when forming chicken bets.

Several Things Can Help Player How to Win a Cockfight

Chicken Weight

If the chicken has too much body weight, it will be an obstacle for the players to place bets. It will make the chicken tired and weak to hit the opponent and the bettors will panic too. Lumps also appear in chickens when there is too much fat in the chest muscles and fat builds up.

Sprout Chicken Tail Shape

The shape of the tail of a sprouting rooster is also a sign that the rooster has the ability to place bets with a good betting strength. The tail has a bud shape, which means that the tail is straight and has a long tail that can taper downwards.

The tail of the tail has strength, but judging by the length of the tail. It is also believed that tail-bud chickens are more agile compared to chickens with wide tails. It is believed to be much more agile compared to the opponent’s chicken, whose tail is wider open. For example, the long-tailed Bangkok Chicken Tail makes it more economical, especially for curved feathers that point upwards. Like the tail of a free range chicken in general, which is not suitable for cockfighting.

Muscular Thighs and Wide Legs

Chickens with wide legs or muscular thighs are considered strong chickens. If he makes a chicken leg bet he will use more energy to hit his opponent. Because of this, it is necessary to pay attention to the part of the chicken leg that the player will later select when betting.

Make sure the chicken can stand firmly on both legs, do not leave the chicken limp with its legs. A good pacemaker is also a key factor in the chicken’s agility to place bets. The legs are the most important part in choosing the chicken to bet on.

Follow the guidelines for choosing a cockfighting playground. The willingness to place this bet can help players choose the chicken they want to bet on. / Dy

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