Tips for Opening Blocked Online PKV Games Sites

Tips for Opening Blocked Online PKV Games Sites – Have you ever had trouble opening your favorite pkvgames online site from either a laptop or an application on a smartphone? If this is the case then there is no need to worry because this is a simple problem that can be solved easily and quickly. There are many ways and applications that can be used for unlocking.

In fact, the main reason many online gambling sites are blocked is because of regulation by the Indonesian government itself. Since gambling is not a legal transaction or game, the government has also blocked the website. However, what is being blocked is a site that is not your IP address, so the chance of reopening the website is very large.

To open the Online PKV Games Sites, you can first use the browser’s standard tools until you need to install additional applications. Because the way to unblock each website is usually different. Here we have specifically summarized five ways you can open blocks.

Google cache

This is the easiest way that can be done. Enter the name of your gambling agent in the search engine, then click Search. If you see search results, don’t open it. Try clicking the green website address. If the page you are looking for is not found, click the green arrow and wait a while.

Use Proxy & Anonymox

The second is opening an online domino site that is no less easy, namely with a proxy and anonymox. Both are not applications. All you have to do is copy the gambling link that cannot be opened, then visit one of these websites and give the address a call. Both tools change your IP to a foreign IP so that access is open.

Install VPN

Although it’s a bit complicated because you have to install additional applications, a VPN is the most effective way to unblock the block. For smartphones, you can simply download it from the Playstore and Appstore. For laptops, you can search on the provider’s website. Popular VPNs include Hostpot Shield, Turbo VPN, and Surfeasy VPN.

Use alternative links

Another easy option is to use alternate links that are usually provided by gambling agents for their members. This link will not be found if you search directly on a search engine to avoid being blocked. You can get an alternative link to bet after registering on PKV Games Online site which later becomes an agent.

Using DNS

As mentioned earlier, it is the Indonesian government that is blocking online gambling sites. Therefore, all devices with IP from Indonesia cannot access it. However, this can be changed via DNS. Just search for Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) on the laptop and change the IP address to manual or use the following DNS server. Enter another country’s IP and you are banned free.

Change browser to unlock, you can also change your Internet browser directly on a laptop or smartphone. This is because using a mainstream browser built into electronic devices is often difficult due to the secure search function with a strong filter. If you want to try accessing the PKV Games Online site, use the Opera Mini browser. / Dy

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