4 Best Western Gambling Movies, Recommended To Watch

Want to know what western gambling movies recommendations are about the best gambling? Through this post, we will review it for you.

When talking about gambling-themed films, maybe what most of you will think of is the gambling god film starring Chow Yun Fat, The God of Gamblers.

This Asian film can indeed be said to be one of the legendary films with the theme of gambling.

However, apart from the film The God of Gamblers, it turns out that there are several films from the west with the theme of gambling that are no less interesting.

4 List of Western Gambling Movies

Want to know what are the best western gambling movies recommendations? The following is a list of these western films.

21 (2008)

The first recommended western gambling movies you can try to watch is 21. The film, which was first released in 2008, focuses on Ben Campbell, a genius with a brilliant academic career.

However, he has financial problems that make it difficult for him to continue his studies.

It was at that time that he met the Mathematics professor, Micky Rosa, who realized how brilliant Ben was and invited him into a math club.

But what is interesting is that this math club is not an ordinary math club, but a math club filled with geniuses who apply mathematics to the Black Jack gambling game.

From this math club, Ben began his adventure to conquer a number of casinos in Las Vegas with his math club. This best gambling films presents many epic scenes of the genius poker game Ben and his friends do.

Molly’s Game (2017)

The next film included in one of the Hollywood movie recommendations about the best gambling is Molly’s Game. The film, which was released on January 11, 2018, presents an interesting and completely unusual storyline.

Molly’s Game tells the true story of a female ski athlete named Molly Bloom who changes profession to become a bookie at a nightclub.

The story begins when Molly Bloom had to end her career as a ski athlete because of her failure to participate in the Olympics in 2002.

Molly also decided to move to Los Angeles and work as a waitress at a nightclub. This led him to a meeting with Dean who led him to become a well-known player and bookie.

The conflict begins when Molly is suspected of being involved in a game with the mafia, making her the target of an FBI search. In this film, you will be taken to witness a number of epic scenes set in gambling.

This film was included in the best film of 2017 and was nominated for Best Screenplay.

Apart from the top 2 films mentioned above, there are 2 other films that also carry the theme of gambling with an interesting story plot. Here are the two films.

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Runner Runner (2013)

Raising the story of online gambling, Runner Runner is one of the western gambling movies that released in 2013. This film directed by Brad Furman tells the story of the main character named Richie Furst who has difficulty paying for his college.

Richie, played by Justin Timberlake, also decided to play online gambling to earn money. Instead of earning money, Richie became a scam and lost all money invested in gambling on an online gambling site.

Feeling cheated, Richie decided to fly to Costa Rica to meet the owner and bookie who runs the business, Ivan Block.

Here, Ivan Block actually offered Richie a collaboration to manage his gambling site and made Richie get to know more about online gambling.

Deal (2008)

The last western gambling movies recommendation is Deal. This film was released in 2008, on April 25 to be precise. Deal tells the story of a former professional poker gambler who defeats a novice poker gambling player, named Alex.

Alex, who at that time participated in a poker match tournament and made his way to the final round. But at the time of the final match, Alex had to face the poker man and ended in defeat.

Realizing Alex’s talent, the Pokerman offers him the opportunity to compete in a major tournament on the condition that Alex follows his directions.

Where to Watch All of the Western Gambling Movies Above?

Currently the government is fighting the circulation of pirated and illegal films circulating on the Internet. Maybe you will have a little trouble finding a streaming site to watch the films above, because of the blocking.

But overcoming this problem, you can try to solve it by using a number of applications such as VPN so that blocked sites can be accessed.

Another safer option is to subscribe to the official streaming sites or buy DVDs of these films.

So many reviews regarding movie recommendations about western gambling movies from Hollywood which can be a viewing option to accompany you to relax. Hopefully this information is quite interesting and useful for you. Happy watching !

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